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Ever wonder what to sell on eBay? What are the best things to sell on eBay? What are my competitors selling on eBay?

Our eBay research tool will let you see the most recent sold items, top selling brands and fastest selling items on eBay. Learn the top selling items on eBay and be a step ahead of your competitors. Become a top reseller with our eBay research tool and expert tips.

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Features and Screenshots of the eBay Research Tool:

1. Most Recent Sales

– This will show you what is currently selling in each category over the past 7,000 (approximate) SOLD products. The search results for Most Recent show 4 columns (The black border): Item, Quantity Sold (based on snapshot of data), Price, Listing Type (this is also called Buying Format such as Auction, FixedPrice, etc.

2. Top Brands

– This feature takes the approximate 7,000 most recent sold items, pulls out all the Brand Names and lists them in a table sorted by most sold first. You can see the top selling brands over the snapshot of data. Over time the Top Brands may change so you can stay ahead of the competition by viewing the top selling eBay brands in each category for actual sold items. This Top Brands feature also allows you to click on the Brand Name link and see all the products that have been sold for that particular brand as well as how many were sold for each brand. The results show 2 columns: Brand Name (which you can click and see all the products that have been sold for that brand) and Quantity Sold.

3. Fastest Selling

– This feature shows which products sell the fastest. So, we take the snapshot of data each day and calculate which products are sold the fastest based on when they were listed to the sold date. The results show 3 columns: Product, Speed of Sale (from the time it was listed to when it sold), Listing Type (auction, fixedprice, etc).

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