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Do you have dreams of starting an online business, working from home, making thousands a month and retiring on a beach somewhere? Awesome, well first things first. If you are new to online / e-commerce business, then you should know that it all starts with coming up with something to sell. When I first started, I was told to build a business around something I am passionate about. Yes, that is great for most people if you are just looking for a hobby. If what you are passionate about pays well, then that may be an option but I will tell you the method I use to find products to sell online and how to start an online business step-by-step.

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I am Kent Hamilton. A self-taught, online business expert and entrepreneur who over the past 16+ years have consulted for companies such as, Turner Broadcasting, ADP, AT&T, Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) and more. During this time, I have been the lead UI Developer on many multi-million dollar website projects. I have learned a tremendous amount of valuable information regarding Internet Marketing, SEO and business concepts from very successful online companies and I will teach you all you need to know to start your very own online business.